Dari Website Reaches Afghans

By Lee Castor | May 10, 2024 |

During the second week in May we spoke with Shoaib Ebadi. After having the Travel Guide translated into Dari and Pashto last year, Shoaib is now overseeing the development of the Dari website (www.asimpleworddari.org). He has been able to hire an Afghan Christian living in India to create Facebook and Instagram posts for the site. The response was almost immediate. The people managing the site and connected social media have already begun to answer questions they have received from website users. One of the next steps is to record the Dari audio for the Simple Stories for the website. 

Shoaib continues to think of new ways to reach the Afghan people. He is exploring the possibility of translating the website into Afghan Pashto (the language of the Taliban). Also, because refugees enjoy listening to podcasts, they have a long range goal to record the entire Dari Travel Guide.

We ae so thankful for Shoaib and his heart to see his people come to Jesus. We are blessed to have the priviledge of working with such men.

Lee Castor

Lee Castor is a Founding Partner of Clear and Simple Media. Lee attends to administrative details, edits all of our publications, and nurtures relationships with CSM partners around the world.