French Travel Guides on Slow Boat to Togo

By Lee Castor | May 10, 2024 |

200 French versions of the Travel Guide to the Bible (Guide Biblique) are currently in a container, on a ship, bound for West Africa.

In March we received a request from some friends in Togo. They were wondering if we could get 200 copies of the French Travel Guide to the Bible printed and shipped to Florida to be packed into a container that would then be shipped to Togo. Ashley, a global worker with Converge, was coordinating the project. Judy, a global worker with ABWE, had requested more Travel Guides for the Literature Center located on the ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) Togo Hospital compound.

Judy wrote, “We are so glad to be getting more of these books in stock! I am trying to provide these as affordably as possible to our Togolese and other West Africans who come into the bookstore. The last 100 copies sold very quickly so I know there is a lot of interest.” (All 100 copies of the French Travel Guide ~ Guide Biblique were distributed through that bookstore in less than 18 months.)

Please pray that the books will arrive undamaged and will be a great encouragement to the West African believers. This project cost approximately $2000. We are thankful for many faithful partners who allow us to participate in opportunities like this one.

Lee Castor

Lee Castor is a Founding Partner of Clear and Simple Media. Lee attends to administrative details, edits all of our publications, and nurtures relationships with CSM partners around the world.