A First Look at the French Travel Guide

By Tom Castor | August 12, 2019 |

Clear and Simple Media has delivered more than 30,000 copies of Simple Truths to Burkina Faso since 2016. The “little book” is now in print and in use in the Dagaari, Cerma, Gourmantché, Bwaba, Mooré, French, and Jula (Dioula) languages. Multiple church planting networks are using this evangelical catechism to prepare new believers for baptism. One group of churches in Ouagadougou has modified the material and is using the book in adult Sunday School classes.

In late 2017, at the request of leaders from SIM, IMB, and CRU, we initiated the translation of a second book, Travel Guide to the Bible. The preliminary translation was completed in October of 2018. In early 2019, the field-testing phase began. We sent eBooks to readers in Haiti, France, Quebec, and multiple countries in West Africa. For the next four months, we collected feedback. Sorting through the results, we received many very helpful comments and suggestions. Some had clearly read the book more carefully than others. Some of the feedback was favourable. Some was not. But the harsh responses are sometimes the most helpful.

As a result, we rewrote chapters and modified the translation to assure that the simple English source material was translated into equally simple French. The book arrived at the book designer in May. In late July, the newly designed Travel Guide to the Bible (Guide Biblique) became available in print. Copies of the first printing were sent to proof-readers and translation checkers. We anticipate that a full print run should begin in early September. 

Here are a few of the responses we have received from the new French content and design:

I write you this to let you know that I read the French book you sent me. It is interesting. As you said, it is useful for the new Christians, new Bible readers and even Christian leaders. 

In my opinion, it is a good book. It is helpful and has plenty of information about the books of the Bible. I think the English book could be useful in my country too. People could learn English while they are learning about the Bible.  You’re doing a wonderful job among the evangelical community. Port Au Prince, Haiti

I’ve seen the book in French and spent hours of my time to run through its pages. In fact, the book is more than what you had in mind when writing it. The GUIDE BIBLIQUE is a richly helpful book, useful to pastors, teachers, and old Bible readers too. In the areas where the book does not provide answers to the reader, it serves as a GUIDE to help them find the needed answers. Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso

Stand firm on what the Lord has given you, because it is an incredible tool in any language. Some people don’t understand the efforts and hard work to make something so simple available for the world. I am 100% sure that you share the work with a French speaking person and you will see incredible comments about it and how important the work is for French speaking people.

This tool will change the lives of people (that is why the Lord inspired you to do so). As soon as anyone reads it or sees it, it touches their heart (The Holy Spirit is the one bringing credibility in the hearts of people and changing them). I am waiting to see what the Lord will do through this wonderful work. French Caribbean 

For all of those whose generosity make projects like this possible, we are truly thankful. 

Tom Castor