Bengali books hit the streets in NYC

By Tom Castor | August 1, 2019 |

Some weeks ago, Clear and Simple Media was able to send 200 copies of the book Simple Truths to Global Gates workers in New York – 100 in Bengali, 50 in Arabic and 50 in English. Global Gates is a mission that seeks to reach the unreached people of the world through ministry in urban gateway cities. There are currently more than 100,000 Bengali speakers living in New York City.

Along with the “little book”, we sent multiple copies of our simple English books, Simple Stories, and Travel Guide to the Bible. Global Gates is now using those books as a part of their “Sifting Week” project. 

Russell, a Bangledeshi who now lives in New York City, was our primary translator for the Bengali edition. This week, we received an update from Russell. Here is an excerpt.

Greetings to you from Russell’s family,

We have been here for six years working with Global Gates, serving in Metro NYC among Muslims. Answering God’s call to ministry was not easy for us. First, we left our homes in Bangladesh. Then we settled down here where we had to comprehend new cultures and learn new languages while adjusting to a new lifestyle. Praise be to God for his all provisions. At first, we had zero American Christian friends, and now we have thousands. 

It’s a joy and a great privilege to share the Gospel with Muslim immigrants here in our City. God has been giving us testimony after testimony. How wonderful is the God we serve, transforming the hearts of many unreached souls through your faithful giving, and your prayers. Gospel seeds are being sowed broadly among our people, through our Sifting Week programs, where hundreds of volunteers are helping us every year to sow seeds, distributing Gospel literature, Jesus tracts, and Bibles. 

We give Him all the glory for every soul that has been saved through our ministry. I want you to rejoice with us and give glory to our Father Who art the heavens and the earth! All the credit goes to Him.

We are so thankful to provide ministries like Global Gates and people like Russell with tools to help them reach people for Christ. Someday, it will be interesting to see just how God put all of the pieces together.

Tom Castor