A New Story from Nepal

By Tom Castor | August 14, 2019 |

We recently received an email from a young lady we know in Nepal. That in itself is a story, as internet access requires a significant journey from her village. She is beginning year five of living and ministering among a people deep in the mountains.

Here is an excerpt from her email:

 I moved to a village about a day and a half walk from my old village and the language here is almost completely different, sharing only a few words. I have begun to learn the language (Kutang) and have a few structures to help me in learning but my ultimate goal is to do storying here. 

My roommate is Kutang as well but isn’t strong in the local language. I have hired a local girl to help me learn.

If you have any storying materials or if you have a PDF copy of simple stories I could use as a frame that would be so helpful. It is not a written language but ultimately it will be recorded! 

After receiving her request, we wrote a note sharing a few encouragements and some advice on story development. We sent her a PDF copy of our book, Simple Stories: 32 stories from the beginning to the new beginning

We just received her reply:

This is so perfect!

I can’t wait to begin working on these stories. I hope to record them for audio stories. It will take time but thanks for giving me these resources! 

I am so thankful for you and your work!! It’s exciting. Praise God! 

We are grateful to be able to supply this material to this young missionary as she works to learn a new language and to take these stories and use them to share Christ with the people of Nepal. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last year, the government of Nepal formally criminalized conversion to Christianity. They enacted an “anti-conversion” law that makes it illegal to attempt to convert someone from their faith in the former Hindu Kingdom. Christians make up a small minority of the population, and this move is being seen as one to institutionalize Hinduism and stop the spread of Christianity. And yet, according to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, the Church in Nepal has been growing at a faster rate than nearly anywhere else in the world. 

Tom Castor