Travel Guide to the Bible Course Field Testing Begins

By Tom Castor | October 21, 2020 |

Over the past two months, we have been able to complete the questions for our online course from the Travel Guide. Our original project goal was to write 25 questions for each chapter of the book. This would allow a student to test themselves, not only on the content of the book, but on the five sections of scripture that each chapter requires them to read. 

The more than 1,700 questions have been completed and now have been assembled into field-testing packages. These packages each contain the questions for a quarter of the content. We have arranged to send these packages to more than sixteen volunteers in the United States and Canada. 

The field-testing was initiated on October 18, 2020. Over the next few weeks, our field testers will read the material, answer the questions and make comments, suggestions and corrections. We hope to have all of the completed packets returned by the middle of November. At that time, we will review the suggestions and comments and make any edits/corrections that need to be made. 

When this process is completed, all of the questions will be made into an online course and posted on our website. Early in 2021, we plan to have this course translated into French and posted on our Vérité Simple website for use by teams in Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. 

We have always been dependant on the help of good volunteers to help us complete various tasks. For this project, one volunteer was especially helpful. Sandra Day lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. She is an experienced ESL instructor with years of cross-cultural experience. She also has an eye for detail and a teacher’s sensibilities. Without her help in crafting many of these questions, the project would have had to have been extended by several months.

Thank you, Sandra Day!

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.