The “Little Book” arrives in Sweden.

By Tom Castor | June 10, 2017 |

Since we first published Simple Truths in 2006, we have been quite surpised, and blessed, by how the book finds its way into places we did not anticipate. In recent correspondence through our A Simple Word website (, we received news of yet another corner of the world where the “little book” will have an impact.

Here is an excerpt from that correspondance.

In cooperation with Gothenburg International Baptist Church, I plan to do a Swedish translation of the catechism Simple Truths during summer/autumn 2017. I did a translation of the New City Catechism during 2014,, and value a catechism as a teaching tool. This weekend I am finishing proof reading of Spurgeon’s Catechism in Swedish.

The easy to understand language of the Simple Truths catechism and the definitions in the end will be very useful in Sweden, both among immigrants and among secular Swedes that does not have a christian language. Well, it will actually be of good use also among teens in my church. It amazes me how our churches often are lacking a modern simple vocabulary for the evangelical truths of the Bible.

Peace and Grace

Jonas Vestlund


Tom Castor

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