Bengali translation for NYC nearing completion

By Tom Castor | June 10, 2017 |

The world is moving to New York City.

According to the New York Times, foreign-born persons living in one of the five burrows has increased every year since the census of 2010. That is why missions like Global Gates are there. Global Gates is a mission that reaches the unreached people of the world through ministry in urban gateway cities. New York City is one of them.

In March, CSM began a translation project to assist Global Gates in reaching the more than 100,000 Bengali speakers living in NYC. The translation is nearing completion and will soon begin field-testing. When the project is finished, it will have produced translations of Simple Truth in two dialects of Bengali. One translation will utilize the traditional dialect, used by most Hindu-background Bengalis. A second translation will use the dialect most spoken by Muslim Bengali speakers.

As with all of the previous translation projects, the Bengali versions of Simple Truth will be available for download at no cost at

Tom Castor

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