Praying for God’s Mercy in Myanmar

By Tom Castor | September 5, 2022 |

Our friend Rova has been an enthusiastic advocate of the use of Clear and Simple Media materials in Myanmar since the beginning. By my first visit to Yangon in 2016, Rova had already translated Simple Truths for the New Believer into Burmese and Mizo-Chin and had printed and distributed hundreds of books.

Life has been difficult in Myanmar since that time. The military seized power in early 2021. The new government has taken aggressive action since then against any individual or group that has shown open opposition. Pro-democracy protests have been met with live fire, water canons, rubber bullets and arrests. There are currently more than 100 political prisoners awaiting execution. As a result, local militias in multiple regions have waged armed opposition. The conflict has caused tension with bordering countries (China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, and India) as refugees have sought to escape the trouble.

In the midst of this, Rova pastors a church in Yangon. Several months ago, he asked to translate the Travel Guide to the Bible into Burmese and Mizo-Chin. That is a significant task under ideal circumstances, and the circumstances in Myanmar are anything but ideal.

Here is his latest update:

Thank you for your email. We are well. As you know the crisis here, we have been facing many challenges. So life here is getting more difficult as time goes on. Prices of all things are two to four times more expensive than last year. Many families here are really struggling for their daily living. The financial challenge we have been through is worse and worse. The whole country is in trouble in every aspect.

However, I do pray and believe that the Lord will remove the crisis sooner or later by His great mercy.

Please forgive me that we cannot finish the project of Travel Guide to the Bible in the promised time. Our translators were very slow due to many challenges they were facing. Only New Testament part and Word List part in Burmese is remaining to be translated. My son and I will translate the remaining. We will try to finish it within this month.

I do not need more funds yet. Please hold on the rest of the funds with you. Dollar rate is very unstable here. Moreover, there are two different rates of it: one is bank rate and another black market rate or outside rate. Bank rate is only 2,100 kyats per dollar. Black market rate is  between 3,500 kyats and 3,800 kyats per dollar. The rates are very different. And prices of things are based on the black market rate. This causes a big problem to the people. This issue can also effect our project. That is why I am not really in a hurry for the printing. When the crisis here is solved or ending, prices will get to normal. However, I would like to finish the project well as soon as possible. I would continue to covet your prayers for success of it.

I am very grateful that you are truly bearing with us in our slowness. I do appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness.


Please pray for Myanmar, for the church of SE Asia, and for the pastors and leaders in Yangon who are working to share Christ there.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.