500 Farsi Books in Transit to Canada

By Tom Castor | September 5, 2022 |

Ahmad Zeividavi is a friend of ours. He serves as the Executive Director of the House of Omeed, a ministry in British Columbia about which we have written in previous articles. I thought you might be interested in watching the progress of the projects we are working on with Ahmad. Here is a piece of our latest exchange:

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements! We are truly rejoicing with what God has done for our ministry by providing a building. We got the possession yesterday, and we started renovation right away. 

We do have a couple of Farsi translators that could work on the Travel Guide to the Bible right away. I will give it to them to translate as soon as you send me the file.

Regarding Simple Truth for the New Believer (in Farsi), we are in dire need and hoping that you could help us print some of those as soon as possible so we can start using them. 

Ahmad Zeividavi 

Here is our response.


I am pleased to hear that you have found the Farsi translators for Travel Guide to the Bible. We will send the design files. As to the Simple Truths in Farsi, we still have 500 books in stock and will send them immediately. They should arrive within the next few weeks. After we have depleted the inventory, we will want to redesign the books and find a printer near you. We can help find the funds for the redesign and printing. That way, the books will be at hand as you need them.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

In hope,


Currently, we have four translation projects at various stages of completion in different parts of the world. At home, we are in the final stages of rebuilding our websites to make them more accessible. Many projects we involve ourselves in are complicated (cross-cultural, cross-linguistic, economically complex). Few of them follow a straight line. That is why we share bits of correspondence from time. It lets you see what goes on ‘behind the curtain’ and keeps those of you who are partners with us ~ ‘in the loop.’ Because of the faithfulness of those partners, we are able to provide the books to the House of Omeed without cost.

Tom Castor

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