Maithili books go to press in India

By Tom Castor | March 8, 2017 |

The Maithili version of Simple Truths is going to press in India. The books will be printed in Hyderabad this week and shipped to Bihar in early April. According to K.C, printing should be completed by March 30 and the books should be in the hands of the workers in Bihar by the week of April 10. Clear and Simple Media initiated the project at the request of the BGC of Canada to assist Baiju Kumar Bhandari, the Executive Director of Eternal Life Ministries in Darbhanga. ELM is a growing church planting network in Bihar State in northern India. Maithli is spoken in Bihar and Nepal. The books will be used for training workers and discipling new believers. The books (1,000 copies) will be distributed throuout the churches in Bihar. EBooks are already in use there and can be dowloaded at

Tom Castor

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