Burkina Faso Requests More Books

By Tom Castor | September 2, 2020 |

Clear and Simple Media has been working in Burkina Faso since 2015. We started by consulting on a story development project with StoryRunners (CRU). During that six-week project in the town of Banfora, Simple Truths was translated into French. After some field-testing, we later added 6 more languages: Dyula, Mooré, Bwaba, Cerma, Pougouli, and Gourmantchema.

With the help of Nebié Badiou, we were able to do multiple printings of multiple books.

There is always a question about how the books are being used. In cultures where there is minimal literacy, sometimes the books are little more than souvenirs or curiosities. But in Burkina Faso, largely due to the efforts of Nebié and pastor/translator Dieudonné Some, these little books are being widely used in the churches there. During the pandemic, while the churches have not been meeting, Dieudonné has been using the Simple Truths books for discipleship. He has devised a way to use WhatsApp to message people encouragement and answer their questions as they work through the book. His project has been so successful that the books are ‘wearing out’. The first printing was done in Ouagadougou. The printing was well done. But the printer did not construct the book anticipating such a high rate of usage. The books are being used, in some cases, by multiple people. When they write in the notes that Dieudonné suggests, the books are not able to withstand that much use.

What a great problem to have! 

As a result of this discovery, Dieudonné wrote,

“…we now need more books. By our prayers, God has provided me a printer. Now I can print these books that have helped me so much. I have contacted the Bwaba and Cerma people. They both need new printing of the book. And the Pougouli people need more books also. We can do 500 books for (each) language. If you can help us, I will be faithful. (I will) print the books and get them to the people.”

As of September 1, we are working with the team in Burkina Faso to arrange for the printing and distribution of 2,000 new copies of Simple Truths: 500 copies each in French, Bwaba, Cerma, and Pougouli. Cost of developing print proofs, checking the translations, printing, distribution, transportation and coordinating the project will be approximately $3,000. The books are generally sold at cost. Or, for those who cannot afford them they are sold at a reduced cost or given for free. All funds collected are set aside for new printings and additional translation projects to get the books into even more languages in West Africa.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.