Arabic Project Takes Another Step Forward

By Tom Castor | December 18, 2019 |

In a previous post, Clear and Simple Media announced a new project partnership with Call of Love (COL) Ministries. What follows is an update.

A few weeks ago, we at Clear and Simple Media were delighted to announce a partnership with Call of Love Ministries. As we stated previously, the ultimate goal of the CSM/COL project is to produce Arabic television programs that will be broadcast throughout the Middle East via satellite. The programs will be based on the Travel Guide to the Bible.

Phase one involved establishing good processes and securing the funding required. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the funding has been secured and now the project has entered phase two.  

The text of the Travel Guide to the Bible has been sent to Egypt, where it will begin to be translated into Arabic. We have agreed on a translation process that includes translation and two translation reviews before the book goes to the design phase. When Chapter One is completed, the work will be sent to Call of Love for review. With the Arabic language, the choice of orthography is critical and is a significant consideration in publishing. Any corrections that are needed will be noted and returned to the translation team. When the team at Call of Love is satisfied with the first chapter, the translators will finish the translation. After the Arabic translation is completed, the book will go through the design phase. 

The final translation and design will be again sent to COL for final approval. The book will first be published as an eBook. After an assessment of the demand, a print run will follow. Call of Love will be distributing the eBook at no charge to viewers who request it.

“We love the Travel Guide to the Bible. The approach that it takes is not like other books.  We are excited about how God will use it in our ministry.”  

Call of Love Ministries

The goal is to finish the translation and design phases by May. At that point, the television programs will begin production at the Call of Love studios in Egypt. They will produce seventy programs based on the book. The programs will follow the design pattern developed by The Bible Project, with heavy use of graphics, music, and a narrator. No people will appear on screen. 

Call of Love has chosen this production approach for two reasons. First, the style appeals to viewers in their teens to the mid 30s. Second, the production style allows the programs to be modified as tastes change. “We want these programs to last forever.”

Tom Castor

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