Arabic Broadcast Group Requests CSM Content

By Tom Castor | July 11, 2019 |

We have seldom had to look for projects. They have a way of “stepping in front of us,” often, quite unexpectedly. We are currently involved in one such project.

Call of Love Ministry is a broadcast ministry targeting Arabic speakers, primarily in the Middle East. Several weeks ago, the people responsible for programming asked Clear and Simple Media to help them build a series of programs for broadcast both through their television station and podcasts. They had come into possession of our book, Travel Guide to the Bible, and asked us to write 70 scripts in simplified English (one for each chapter). They will record those programs on video in English, then add Arabic subtitles in post-production.

Because of the interest in the English language in many Arabic-speaking parts of the world, they believe that these programs will attract significant attention. They have also insisted that I do the teaching on these broadcasts. In their opinion, having the author of the book teach the lessons will add greater interest. We will also work to complete an Arabic version of the book to give as an eBook to anyone who watches these programs and requests one. A translation of a book this size (270 pages) will be quite expensive, but the potential for such a book is quite promising. Each program will be 12-15 minutes in length and will also be available on our A Simple Word website ( when completed.

Our regular readers will know that this project will require more time (and more funds) than we currently have available. So we plan to move ahead as far as we can with the resources available. Clear and Simple Media has always leaned on the Providence of God. So, we are confident that, just as the opportunity has come from God, the resources will be there when we need them.


Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.