A Simple Word for Afghanistan 

By Tom Castor | November 12, 2023 |

Afghanistan has been in significant turmoil for several decades. With the withdrawal of the American forces in August of 2021, the struggles of the Afghani people have intensified.  

In response, Shoaib Ebadi helped found Afghanistan Next Generation (ANG) to bring hope to the people of Afghanistan. Clear and Simple Media (CSM) has previously partnered with ANG’s Shoaib Ebadi, who helped to translate and publish the Travel Guide to the Bible into Dari and Pashto.

This past summer, CSM and ANG began partnering to translate the A Simple Word website into Dari. The project involves putting the entire website, including its 15 online courses, into Dari. CSM agreed to gift the website’s content and assist in funding the translation. After the website is translated and field tested, CSM will provide ongoing funding through 2024 to support Dari-speaking Afghan believers who will follow up on all contacts and responses to the Dari website. The total project would require approximately 40,000 Canadian dollars.

We are pleased to announce that we have received the required funds for the translation phase of the project. While we continue to gather funds to assist in the long-term operation of the site, the translation of the initial content and building of the new website is well underway.

In a recent note from ANG, Shoaib Ebadi wrote:

We are working on the website. We have the domain name: asimpleword4afg.com. The Dari version is in the work in progress. We would like to finish it by the end of December. I hired a person from Winnipeg to help with the project. Here are some screen shots to show what has been done so far.

Please continue to pray for this important project. At this writing, more than 42 million people live in Afghanistan. Less than 0.02% know Jesus. Twelve million Afghanis are in diaspora outside of the country. Ten million of those live in Iran and Pakistan. The percentage of Christians among Afghans in diaspora is only marginally better.

With these first steps in place, we should be able to ensure the launching of the new Dari site and the new ministry to the Afghani people in early 2024. Pray for the success of the translators and website builders. And pray for the Afghan people who desperately need Jesus.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.