West Africa to get Simple Truths in Wolof

By Tom Castor | May 30, 2018 |

Wolof is a language spoken by more than 7 million people worldwide, a number of those people in the Senegalese diaspora in the United States. Wolof is among the languages that Clear and Simple Media will make Simple Truths available in this summer.

Wolof is a language of Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania, and the native language of the Wolof people. Wolof is the most widely spoken language in Senegal, spoken natively by the Wolof people (40% of the population). It is also spoken by most other Senegalese as a second language.

Wolof dialects vary geographically and between rural and urban areas. “Dakar-Wolof,” for instance, is an urban mixture of Wolof, French, and Arabic.

The Senegalese of West Africa emigrated in large numbers to the United States in the twentieth century. Many Senegalese went to New York City and the Wolof were among them. There are many Senegalese in Harlem in the region of 116th. Some are volunteer interpreters at Harlem Hospital. The Wolof language is used in the region in Senegalese restaurants. Many Senegalese are shop owners and manage travel agencies. Wolof speakers have mixed well in American society while keeping their language. Retaining their language helps keep unity with their families in New York and West Africa as well.

To better pray for Senegal and the Wolof people, visit Operation World or The Joshua Project to find help.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.