“What’s New?”: Four Short Stories

By Tom Castor | April 13, 2022 |

Website Developments

We are now in the process of combing the two CSM delivery sites, Hear A Story and A Simple Word. Although we have experienced several snags which have delayed the project by six months, we are getting close to activating the new site. After three months of field-testing in English, we will begin translating the site into French for teams in West Africa.

Life Choice Resources

Clear and Simple Media has been involved in providing our books as resources for several ministries in our local area. One is an Adult Rehabilitation Program. Another is a local Pregnancy Support Center called ‘Life Choices.’ They sent us this note this week. 

Thank you for the gracious, generous donation of Clear and Simple Media books. What a wonderful resource for our clients to learn Truth. Having the books available in Spanish is extra-special. I trust these books will bring clients to a saving knowledge of Christ. That gives the statement on the front of this card (You have helped us Save A Life) an even richer meaning.

Simple Swedish

Two years ago, we completed the translation of Simple Truths in Swedish. Since that time, we have heard from people we know who sent the eBook to relatives in Sweden. Our translator, Jonas Vestlund, sent us this note last week.

I am happy to hear the work is being used. I know that an “immigrant” church plant in Stockholm uses it, but I have not heard from them while. I use (the book) in youth work. It is on the web-site www.baptisternashistoria.se that is read by reformed-leaning church plants. Several have download it from there.

Celebrate Missionfest

Missionfest Manitoba is a gathering of mission-interested organizations and individuals designed to challenge every Christian to be Great Commission informed, inspired and involved.

This year, I am serving as the Executive Director for the event. Normally held the first weekend in February, the Covid pandemic necessitated a change of date. This year’s celebration will be April 29-May 1. Clear and Simple Media will also be one of more than 110 exhibitors from missions who work various parts of the world. All things Missionfest Manitoba may be found here.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.