West African Pastors React

By Tom Castor | August 16, 2016 |

Our friend Somé Dieudonné in West Africa has been a part of distributing 3,000 copies of our evangelical catechism to pastors and church workers in Burkina Faso. Here is an excerpt from his note to give us a glimpse of how the “little book” is being received. The book is now being distributed in French, Jula/Dyula, and Mooré.

This is Somé Dieudonné.

I have received many comments about the book from workers here in Burkina Faso. Here are parts of messages I received.

  • “This book will easily help the new believers to understand the scriptures.”
  • “God bless the one how makes this book. Now I can easily teach both the candidates of baptism and new believers.”
  • “It is very good for our tribe (Mooré) to have this gift. We are blessed. This book is very simple to understand and simple to use.”
  • “I am happy for many unreached people can get this book and read it.”
  • And from a Dagara pastor. “Now our tribe will get the first books which will help to know the scripture. Dieudonné you did well asking [your friend] to print this book in Dagara. God bless you and [your friend].”

Tom Castor

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