Uyghur translation completed

By Tom Castor | July 26, 2016 |

The newest translation of Simple Truths (Uyghur) was completed July 15, 2016, and will soon be available for distribution. Since Uyghur is spoken in both Western China and Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, the translation has been completed in both the Arabic script (used among the Uyghur in China) and Cyrillic (used in Central Asia). You may download .PDF versions of these translations in the download section at beginning August 1.

Question One – Arabic Script



جۇدانىڭ ئالەمنى ېرىتىشى1:62-62؛ جۇدانىڭ ئالەمنى ېرىتىشى 6:2؛ ھەزرىتى ئەسا ئەلچىلىرىنىڭ پاالىېەتلىرى 12:62

Question One – Cyrillic Script

Q.1 Сизни ким яратти? A. Худа мени яратти.


Худаниң аләмни яритиши 1:26-27; Худаниң аләмни яритиши (Аләмнинг яритилиши) 2:7; Һәзрити Әйса әлчилириниң паалийәтлири 17:26

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