Printers Ship First 100 Copies of God’s Story, Our Story.

By Tom Castor | March 10, 2020 |

One of the first publications we produced through Clear and Simple Media was Simple Truths. We first developed this small evangelical catechism to assist church planters in Vietnam to train new believers. Since the book was first published, it has been translated into more than forty languages and is being used in multiple countries around the world. The book has been in distribution for more than ten years.

Field-testing has shown the book to be a useful tool in multiple cultures. Church planters have reported that it has been helpful in discipling Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu background believers. But, in some regions, we have been asked if we could produce an even shorter version of the book. This “short” version of the book would focus on the “basic truths that explain the gospel.” The pastors and church-planters who requested the book intend to use it with people that they identify as “seekers and the newest of the new believers.”

As we mentioned in early February, we have been at work to meet that request. A few weeks ago, we completed the text for this new book, God’s Story, Our Story. The book contains 64 questions and answers that are most basic to the understanding of Christianity.

Last week, we were able to complete the book design and God’s Story, Our Story has gone to press. The first set of 100 books is scheduled to arrive on March 5.

Our prayer is that this version of the book will have an even wider distribution than Simple Truths. In order to facilitate that goal, we have already been in contact with translation teams to make the book available in French and Spanish by late April.

If you would like to download a copy of the newly designed ebook, you will find it HERE.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.