May trip to Burkina Faso: an Update

By Tom Castor | May 16, 2016 |

Tom and Nebie Baidu met this morning with a pastor of a large church in Ouagadougou.  He is from Burkina Faso. He graduated from Duke Divinity School in the 80’s. His church has planted 7 churches among the Jula people in western Burkina Faso. Here is Tom’s update:

We took him 100 copies of the Simple Truths in Jula. He sat and read through it “with commentary” (He is fluent in English, French, and more than one language in Burkina). He liked what he read “very, very much”. He said, “This book is a miracle. We had nothing in Jula to help these people grow. Now, God has given us this “little book” to show them.” This will help us “deepen the faith” of these believers. Please thank the people who made this possible.

Tom Castor

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