History of Simple Truths in Myanmar

By Tom Castor | May 31, 2016 |

by Lai Ro Thanga (Rova)

There was a Canadian man who taught for some years at a seminary called Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions in South Korea. His name was Kenneth Bender. As he gave some copies of Simple Truths to some international students there in 2006, I was one of them who was given a copy of the book. When I returned to my country, Myanmar, I brought it with me home in 2007. This is how Simple Truths came to Myanmar.

I did not read Simple Truths as soon as I received from Dr. Kenneth. So I didn’t know what the contents were at first. Two years later one day, as I started a new church among Buddhists in Yangon, Myanmar, I was thinking about teaching new believers and children of believers a simple catechism that would help them grow in the knowledge of God and His Word. And I recalled the small book I received from Kenneth. I was looking for it on my bookshelf. As I found it, I read it from cover to cover right away. At the same time since I found it very good simple catechism for new believers and children, I decided to translate it into Mizo Chin and Burmese. I translated it into the two languages. I emailed Kenneth about my translation. He was very happy to hear about it. And he gave me two email addresses: one was Susan Moore’s email address, and I cannot remember the other one anymore. This is how I came to be in contact with the copyright owner of Simple Truths such as Tom Castor, Susan Moore, etc. And this is also how I was helped in printing Mizo Chin and Burmese editions of the book three times.


In 2009 as the first editions of Burmese and Mizo Chin were printed 2000 copies both. All the copies were distributed to many different churches in different places in Myanmar within a period of two and half years. In 2013 the first edition of Burmese one was printed 3500 copies again. Some of the copies were sold and some were given away free of charge to many churches and Christians. And again in 2015 recently the second edition of Simple Truths in Burmese was printed 1500 copies again. This one has its original language. And a shorter Simple Truths entitled as God’s Story Your Story was recently printed 1500 copies. The churches that have received first and second editions of Simple Truths are such as Pinma Na Baptist church, Immanuel Baptist church, Gospel Baptist church, Pyi Baptist church, Naga Baptist Church, Kachin Baptist church, Karen Baptist church, Bible Presbyterian church, Reformed Presbyterian church, Nazarene church, Free Evangelical church, church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Evangelical Methodist church, Wesleyan church, Mission Presbyterian church, Presbyterian church and Methodist church. Moreover, there are many missionaries in Myanmar who use Simple Truths for teaching their new believers and Sunday school classes. And I also have been told by many readers of Simple Truths that it is not only for new believers but also for old believers. I believe what they say is right. Simple Truths truly even helps pastors like me. The users and readers have learnt many things from it. Many of them say that the book is very good that each answer is followed by Bible verses.

Many Christians, new believers, Christian children, missionaries and even pastors in Myanmar who have come across with Simple Truths are so pleased that they have learned the truth of the Bible in very clear and simple way through the book. Many pastors also say that the booklet is one of the best tools that every Christian in Myanmar needs because it reflects the whole teaching of the Bible in a simple and practical way. I truly agree on what they say.

I know that though printing Simple Truths several times cost so much money, I strongly believe that the book is truly worth printing because it helps thousands of Christians here in Myanmar learn the whole counsel of God.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.