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By Tom Castor | October 19, 2017 |

Lai Ro Thanga is a Presbyterian pastor from Myanmar ministering in Yangon. “Rova” was one of the first people to pursue translation and distribution of the “little book” (Simple Truths) outside of Vietnam. The book has gone through two print runs in Myanmar in both Burmese and Mizo-Chin.

Rova was among the group of pastors to whom we sent eBook copies of the Travel Guide to the Bible to assess the level of interest in preparation for our first print run. Here is a portion of the correspondence from October 18.
        Thanks for your email (and attached book). I have been more busy than usual since I do pastoring work for two churches.
        I am very glad to hear that what you have done again for God’s kingdom. I believe that your book will be helpful for churches in Myanmar. Please send a hard copy to me when you are free. I would love to translate it into Burmese.
         By the way, we do an educational care ministry since 2015. We named it “Grace Life Development Center”. We now have 21 students from different places in Myanmar. The children came from very poor and broken families. Some of them do not have parents anymore.
         The reason why we do this ministry is that many children in Myanmar do not have chance to be educated well because of family economic crisis and early death of their parents. So we seek to help some of those children get good education for their lives. Moreover we seek to help them know God and follow Christ.
         I teach these students from Simple Truths. They understand it well. It is very helpful to them for understanding who they are and who God is and what Christ has done for them. Thank you so much for your book.
 Your brother in Christ,
To date, Simple Truths has been translated into more than 35 languages. The books have been printed in 11 countries with more than 350,000 copies in circulation. The books are currently being used in 30 countries worldwide. Clear and Simple Media is hoping for an equally broad distribution for the Travel Guide to the Bible.

Tom Castor

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