Church Planters Request a New Resource

By Tom Castor | February 28, 2020 |

As more people and organizations find out about our material, they frequently ask if we would consider additional projects that would help them reach people in their part of the world. One of the things that we have been asked about repeatedly is a shorter version of our evangelical catechism, Simple Truths. This “short” version of the book would focus on the “basic truths that explain the gospel,” and be more user-friendly for “a minimally literate” reader. 

To respond to that request, we have created a small book entitled, God’s Story, Our Story. The book contains 64 questions and answers taken from the original 144 in the Simple Truths book. These questions and answers are most basic to the understanding of Christianity. The pastors and church-planters who requested the book intend to use God’s Story, Our Story with people that they identify as “seekers and the newest of the new believers.” Then, after they work through God’s Story, Our Story, they will use Simple Truths to “reinforce the first teachings and help them continue to grow in their Christian life.” 

At this time, we are in the process of working on the book design. After we complete the English version, we will create editions in several languages. First, we will make them available as eBooks for field-testing purposes. After we have evaluated the feedback, we will prepare the final versions for printing. 

We are hoping that these will be very helpful to church planters, Christian workers, and believers who want to share their faith. Our prayer is that this version of the book will have an even wider distribution than Simple Truths. That “little book” is now in 45 languages, with more than 500,000 in use worldwide.

Would you would like a copy of the God’s Story, Our Story text? You can find one HERE.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.