“…by Aboriginal Christian Writers for Aboriginal Christian Readers…”

By Tom Castor | May 16, 2023 |

Publishing is only a small part of what we do at Clear and Simple Media. We would not consider ourselves industry experts, but we have published enough material (books, letters, study guides) that we have learned a few things along the way. That experience, and the knowledge we have gained through it, turn out to be an asset that we are asked to share with other ministries.

At the Missionfest Manitoba gathering in February, we connected with the leadership of the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. (NEFC) and Indian Life Ministries (ILM). Indian Life Ministries is a subsidiary of NEFC and publishes Intertribal Life. While they have been printing and distributing the Intertribal Life newspaper for more than fifty years, the new leadership has decided to re-engage in book publishing. It has been almost two decades since they have published a book.

During our time together at Missionfest Manitoba, Todd and Krystal Wawrzyniak (ILM Directors) shared their vision for inaugurating this renewed emphasis. They plan to start by publishing a 365-day devotional book. The books unique feature will be that it is to be written by Aboriginal Christian writers from across Canada and the United States for Aboriginal Christian readers.

The target audience for both the paperback and e-book is both believers and truth seekers. It will pay particular attention to inmates from correctional centers nationwide. The prison population has been a demographic focus of Indian Life since its inception. ILM materials have always had a wide distribution and acceptance in that community. The Wawrzyniaks also hope to design the book in a style that will allow it to become a useful tool for small-group Bible study in First Nations churches. 

As a result of that first conversation, we have decided to provide as much assistance to the project as possible. We have already made time available to discuss project management for publications like this and offer resources from Clear and Simple Media to help move the project forward.

We have discussed in other posts our partner filtering process. NEFC and ILM check all of the boxes. We are pleased to come alongside them and help see this worthwhile vision succeed. Since Lee and I began our ministry in a First Nations community in the sub-arctic in Manitoba in the late 70s, we have had a heart for ministry among the native peoples of Canada and the United States. This project provides an opportunity to do something meaningful for this community.

The entire budget for the project is a modest $12,000. Those funds will not only pay for the publication’s writing, editing, and design, but also cover the cost for the first print run of 1,000 books.

If any of our readers are interested in helping The Native Evangelical Fellowship and Indian Life Ministries with this project, you can find out the details by contacting the ILM Director at director@indianlife.org.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.