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By Tom Castor | April 18, 2017 |

April 11-13 marked the first distribution of the “little book” Simple Truths in Haiti. One thousand books in Haitian Creole were delivered to a variety of networks across the island during those three days. The remainder of the distribution is ongoing, but all of the books should be in the hands of the pastors and church-workers before May 1.

Several people worked on the project from the inception of the translation 9 months ago, through field-testing, on to the completion of printing and distribution. The team involved workers in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Canada, and the United States.

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to travel to a small church three hours north of Port-au-Prince. The church is 7 km north of the town of Hinché. The little church is four walls of gapped boards, a tin roof, and a dirt floor. No electricity. The nearest drinkable water is a 15-minute walk. Since we often work with the leaders of church-planting networks and team leaders, we seldom have an opportunity to place the books directly into the hands of the men and women who will be using them. This was a delightful exception.

Along with the books, we brought fresh bread, fruit, and clean water for a celebration “feast”. Then, we explained the best way to use the books, especially with those who may not have the ability to read.  The church-planter, Pastor Kamperé, expressed his deep appreciation, convinced that the book could help him teach people to know God. But, at first, he seemed quite reserved. Then, after a significant pause, he looked at our translator and said, “But we have no money for such books.” Somehow, we had not made it clear that these books were our gift to his church. When that news began to sink in, everything changed. It was an unforgetable moment.

Thank you to Rev. Brian Pak of Slingstone Bible College in Port-au-Prince, Pastor Jung Pak, Vorb Charles, Yeral Ogando, Derlin, Amos, Pastor SonSon, and Pastor Fagas Kamperé for helping make this project happen. Thanks also to Jason Chittum, our website designer and my travel companion for the trip. And a special thank you to those of you who continue to support us at Clear and Simple Media. This is your work too.

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Tom Castor

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