Books Arrive in Northern India

By Tom Castor | May 5, 2017 |

What follows is a short section of an email from Baiju Kumar Bhandari, Executive Director of Eternal Life Ministry in northern India. Subsequnt to the email, 1,000 Simple Truths were delivered and are now in distribution.

Praise the LORD, Brother Thomas

Greetings in JESUS name. Today I got a call from the courier that they will probably be delivering Maithili books tomorrow. So as soon as I get will let you know about it.

Please keep praying for us and for the ministry in Mithilanchal (areas where the Maithili language is spoken). So that in days to come people should proclaim the name of JESUS and accept HIM as their personal saviour.

We are going to have church planter’s meet on 15th & 16th of May and at that time I will be giving those booklets to church planters. I will also train them about how these booklets are to be used in an efficient way in midst of believers. Church planters will be trained to discuss those topics among the believers and make them understand those things, making believers more strengthened in the word of GOD.  I will be sending you some photographs from distribution session and will be reporting you on further developments happening with the help of these booklets in ministerial fields.

I am grateful to you as well as to Pastor Kevin (Schular of BGC Canada) for making this booklet to be printed in Maithili & Hindi so that numerous believers could be benefitted and get more rooted in the word of GOD.

Thanks for your precious prayers.

GOD bless you.

Baiju Kumar Bhandari

Tom Castor

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