A Note from Guatemala

By Tom Castor | April 27, 2016 |

Not long ago, CSM assisted Impact Ministries in a translation and distribution project in Guatemala in both Spanish and Poqomchi. Here is a portion of the mosts recent correspondance from that project.

First, I want to thank you or the “Basic Truths” material. We have now translated and printed it in Poqomchi. We are now also printing them in Spanish (we can do it for 65 cents per booklet on the better quality paper and a thicker cover). We have given them to each of the people meeting in our cell groups on Thursday nights. We will be dealing with a few questions each Thursday throughout the year. If you want to come and visit us and see the books in use…we would love that.

In the next weeks, we are also meeting with the Pastors of two different municipalities. (Tactic and Purulha) This involves about 80 pastors. We usually make an event of it (encouraging them, blessing them and their spouses with a meal, and praying with them). This next round of meetings, we will give each of them a copy of the booklet in the language of their choice. Then, we will make the booklets available to them for the cost of printing (they can afford this) and encourage them also to use them in their cell groups, SS classes, and discipleship. The pastors who have received it thus far LOVE it. It is a perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish in this culture.

So, on behalf of the pastors and the people of our area……THANK YOU.

Les Peters for Impact Ministries

Tom Castor

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