…a book in her own language

By Tom Castor | November 14, 2018 |

Literature is a powerful tool. We know this from many conversations with grass-roots church planters in the places where we have placed materials. Our first publication, Simple Truths for the New Believer, is now in print in 40 languages and in use in as many countries. Pastors and indigenous mission workers have found the book helpful as they work to strengthen the faith of new Christ followers.

What we did not expect is how God seems to be using the books in churches in North America. With the influx of immigrants and refugees, more and more churches are reaching out to these new neighbours, and more frequently than we expected, they are using books from Clear and Simple Media to help them do so. Here is a letter we received that provides an example.

I was so excited to receive the box of books and resources you created. I wanted to share a story with you about how they are already being used for God’s glory! Last fall I met a young woman at our church English group who had just come from Iran. Over the course of the winter, we began a friendship. She started attending church every week and asking questions about Christianity. One evening we had her for dinner and she shared her life story with us. It was incredible. This woman has lived through some truly heartbreaking events. At various times she also shared with me how she was raised as a devout Muslim. She made the journey to Mecca and poured ashes on her head, and yet she never felt like she experienced god.

And then last week she wanted to get together and tell me something. I picked her up and we went to the park. I listened as she told me how deeply she understood the gospel. She could not believe that Jesus would sacrifice His life for her on the cross. With her hand in the air, she wrote out the word WORTH and said that no one had ever made her understand her worth until Jesus.

Also, she asked me if I could help her with understanding more of the Bible! She is excited to read it every day, but she needs help. With a heart bursting with joy, I was able to pull out that box you gave me and let her pick out a book in her own language! How humbling for me to be able to be a part of the work God has already begun. Thank you for being faithful to what God put on your heart in creating all of these resources! He is at work in a mighty way, and He is to be praised!

When we received this kind of report, it is so encouraging. We are humbled by such news and are grateful for how God is using what we do.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.