Hrê churches use Simple Truths

By Tom Castor | April 20, 2016 |

The Hrê are an ethnic minority people who live in the central provinces of Vietnam. Most sources estimate their number at between 95,000 and 130,000 in population. The Hrê live in the western parts of the Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh provinces. Nearly 6 percent (6000+) of the Hrê population are considered “evangelical” Christians.

A significant number of these believers are associated with the Community Gospel Churches (CGC), a fellowship of house churches present in locations from the central highlands down to the Mekong Delta in the south. In 2010, Clear and Simple Media partnered with the CGC to complete a Hrê translation of the small evangelical catechism -Simple Truths. Today there are 2000 printed copies in distribution and in active use in the Hrê churches in Vietnam.

Tom Castor

Thomas Castor, founder of Clear and Simple Media Group, is a seasoned writer and communicator who has been delivering content with clarity and simplicity for 30 years.