The Everlasting God Does Not Change

By Tom Castor | February 17, 2017 |

I have written in other places [here] about the challenges of writing theology in simple English. Here is an example that will appear soon on the A Simple Word website ( Take a look. The article uses limited grammatical structures and vocabulary options are limited to a word list of only 1600 words.


Q.10 Did God have a beginning?

A. No, God has always been and God will always be.

Exodus 3:14; Psalm 90:2; Isaiah 40:28

Q.11 Does God change?

A. No, God is always the same.

Psalm 102:26-27; Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8

Everything we can see had a beginning. All people had a beginning. The heavens and the earth had a beginning. They began when God made them.[1] Even the things that we can not see had a beginning. The angels are spirits that serve and worship God. We do not know when God made them, but they were present when he made the earth.[2] But long before there was anything else, there was God. He made all things. Nothing was made that he did not make. But no one made God. He had no beginning. He will have no end. He always was. He is now. He will always be.[3]

God, who has always been, is perfect. He needed nothing else to make him complete. God did not need to learn. He has always known all things. He did not need to grow stronger. He has always had all power. He has perfect control of all things. Because he was perfect from the beginning, he has never needed to change.

Everything we know about changes. People change. The earth changes. We change. But God does not change. When a thing changes, it can change in many ways. It can change to become better. It can change to become worse. It can change to become something different than it was. But God is perfect.[4] He can not change to become better than he is, because he is already perfect. Because he is perfect, he would not change to be less than he is. God will never be anything other than the perfect God. This is why the scriptures tell us that God does not change.

But it is also true that God is a God who shows mercy to people. There are stories in the Bible that show this. God would send a prophet with a message. The prophet would tell the people that God was about to judge them because of the evil things they were doing. But the people listened to the prophet’s words. They turned away from the evil things they were doing. So God did not judge the people. But God did not change when he chose not to judge them. He has always been a “loving God who shows mercy.”[5] This is who God is. He can show mercy on anyone he wishes to show mercy to.[6] This is the way the God who does not change truly is. He delights to show mercy to people who turn away from evil and turn to him. His judgement changes to mercy.

Think about it this way. A man is riding his bicycle to town. He is riding into a strong wind. The wind makes it very hard for him to go down the road. We could say that the wind is against him. Then he turns to go home. He begins to go back the way he came. Now the wind is not against him. Instead, the wind is helping him. If we told someone about his ride, we might say this. “The wind changed. It was against him. But on his way back home, it began to help him.” That is one way we could tell the story. And everyone would understand what we were saying. But the wind did not change. The man changed.

The scriptures tell us that when a person or a nation is doing evil, God is against them. He will judge them for the evil they are doing. But when a person or a nation turns from their evil way, God may choose not to judge them. He may show them mercy instead. That is the kind of God he is.

God had no beginning. He will have no end. This is what we mean when we call him the everlasting God. And the everlasting God does not change.


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