21 (of 50) Preachers to Revive Your Soul

By Nicholas McDonald | May 25, 2018 |

Although I have seminary training, I still find it immensely helpful to hear someone exposit God’s word to me each morning. In addition to my wonderful pastor’s sermons on Sunday, I take time each morning to listen to one of my favorite preachers before I delve into God’s word on my own. With the current embarrassment of riches we have through globalization, excellent preaching is right at most people’s doorstep.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of popular preachers who – while gifted with charisma, eloquence and intellect – do not faithfully preach God’s word. On the other hand, there are plenty of preachers who are faithful to the text without being faithful to their context, failing to clarify, illustrate, exposit and defend scripture in ways that are understandable to modern ears.

To that end, here are 50 preachers who I think do a wonderful job of expositing God’s word. Most of them have an active preaching ministry, but a few are with the Lord, and their sermons are well documented. There are, of course, plenty more, and nothing can replace a pastor who knows you in person on a Sunday morning as well as shepherd you through the week. Even so, these faithful men stir my soul and revive my love for the gospel, and for that, I’m thankful.

Here are 21 (0f my 50) favorites, in no particular order. Each name has a link attached to help you connect:

  1. Charles Spurgeon
  2. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  3. Tim Keller
  4. Mike Campbell
  5. R.C. Sproul
  6. John Stott
  7. Sinclair Ferguson
  8. Eric Mason
  9. Thabiti Anyabwile
  10. Mark Dever
  11. Matt Chandler
  12. Alistair Begg
  13. Art Azurdia
  14. Anthony Carter
  15. Charles Simeon
  16. David Platt
  17. John Piper
  18. D.A. Carson
  19. Haddon Robinson
  20. Ligon Duncan
  21. Stephen Um

This partial list (and 29 more preachers) is a part of Nicholas’ free eBook, READ this NEXT: An up-to-date comprehensive guide to Christian Reading.  Please go there and take a look. CSMedia might not necessarily agree with every one of Nick’s selections, but this book is well worth your attention. A great resource for readers.

Nicholas McDonald

Nicholas McDonald is a blogger, preacher and author and is currently completing his graduate work in theology at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He studied creative writing and mass communication at Oxford University and his new book, “Faker” Good Book Company 2015) is available at his blog, www.scribblepreach.com, where you will find Nick’s writing on a variety of topics.