Tagalog Books With The Printer

By Tom Castor | February 19, 2017 |

Completing a good translation is a bit more complicated than hitting “translate” on a Google screen. In fact, a good translation will go through a process that includes an initial translation, field testing, data gathering, and multiple revisions.

The Tagalog translation project began in September of 2013. While early versions of the book have been available as an electronic document for two years, with the help of Michael Fast of the South East Asian Theological Schools (SEATS), the field testing and final translation were completed in late 2016. As of February 15, the print version of the book is with the printer. Once they come off the press, the books (5,000 first printing) will be distributed to the churches in the Baptist Conference of the Philippines Metro Manila Luzon District.





Tom Castor

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