Gourmantché translation completed

By Tom Castor | May 17, 2017 |

This week, we received word from Nebié Badiou in West Africa that the Gourmantché translation of Simple Truths is ready for printing.

Simple Truths is a small (144 Questions) evangelical catechism. It was first developed for the church in Vietnam. Since the first printings in 2005/2006 in English and Vietnamese, requests for the book began to come from other parts of the world. Today, the book has been translated and printed in over thirty languages and is being used to disciple new believers and train church workers in 30+ countries.

The book was introduced to West Africa in 2016. First printed in French for believers in Burkina Faso, the Simple Truths was translated into the Jula(Dyula) language by workers in Banfora. Later, the Mooré and Dagara languages were completed and 15,000 more books distributed. This week, Gourmantché was added to the list.

Gourmantché is spoken by about 1 million people in Burkina Faso, northern Togo, Benin, and Niger. Plans to print the books are pending. Once funding can be secured, 5,000 books will be printed and put in circulation.

Here is a sample of what the first three questions and answers look like in Gourmantché.


B.1 Ŋme n tàgì ŋa ?

L. U Tienu n tàgì nnì.

Micilima 1:26-27 ; Micilima 2:7 ; Bi Tondiba 17:26


B.2  U Tienu go tàgì bontoala moko bi ?

L. U Tienu tàgì li bonla kuli.

Micilima 1:31 ; Pisoma 33:6-9 ; Kolosa 1:16-17


B.3  U Tienu tàgì ŋa, ki go tàgì bonla kuli : be ya po ?

L. U Tienu tàgì nnì ki go tàgì bonla kuli o kpiagidi* po.

Pisoma 19:2 ; Esayi 43:7 ; 1 kolinta 10:31



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