Spurgeon on Writing

My first exposure to Spurgeon was during my first days in college. I had never heard of “The Prince of Preachers” before I picked up the first volume of the Park Street Pulpit. I have been fascinated by him ever since. Pastor, public speaker, and prolific writer – he was all of the above. Thank you…

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A Story for Christmas

This is not a Christmas story. It is a story I wrote a few years ago as a Christmas gift. After the story was finished, I printed several copies, and then, using old fashioned cut-and-paste, I made a little book of it. Several books in fact. Then, I bought Christmas bags and in each I…

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Finding Our Way

When we built this website, we decided that a blog might be a nice “value-added” touch. Because our goal is to put material into the hands of grass-roots church planters that is linguistically simple, theologically clear, and biblically faithful, we decided that including a few “samples” on the blog might be a good idea. Because…

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Not-so-simple English

If you have stumbled across this blog, it is likely you either 1) have an interest in theology, 2) have an interest in missions, 3) are interested in writing, or 4) have an interest in English. Regardless of who you are, there are a few things that may need explaining in these early blog posts….

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